This award recognises an individual who is consistent, committed, passionate about their job, whose work ethic and skill set has added value to the Society, who embodies the statement ‘it wouldn’t be the same without you’ within their service area.

It’s open to anyone within any service area – but perhaps best captures someone who is rarely ‘up front’. 

This nominee will have a ‘no job is too much trouble’ attitude and who anticipates service user, learner and/or colleagues’ needs.

Here are some examples of what they may have done:

  • Consistently working over and above expected job role requirements out of passion for their job
  • Used their own personal interests and skills to add value to the team, service or to the lives of the service users in their care
  • Never seeks acknowledgement but their contribution has been immeasurable with the Society
  • Changes the atmosphere positively in any room, meeting or situation 
  • Embraced the Society’s autism acceptance campaign

For this award we need to see:

  • That evidence offered happened within the three year-period from August 2019 - August 2022
  • An example of how the nominee has personally contributed to the team / service they work within, over and above expected job requirements
  • An example of how the nominee has been committed / diligent with a specific task or project 
  • Evidence that the team / service area / lives of service users are better because of the nominee’s contribution
  •  Any other comments / additional evidence.

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