This award recognises an exceptional team or individual who goes out of their way to put people first, whether colleagues, management, service users or external relationships, often outside the limitations of their own area and is committed to delivery of excellent service at all times. 

The recipient of this award will never see ‘good enough’ as good enough and will be a key player in ensuring we remain the leaders in our field. This person will be a proud ambassador of NEAS / autism and neurodiversity. 

Here are some examples of what they may have done:

  • Consistently working over and above expected job role requirements out of passion for their job
  • Used their own personal interests, contacts and skills to add value to the team, service, Society or to the lives of the service users in their care
  • Consistently works to raise the standards and profile of the Society
  • Instigated an initiative which has positively shaped future Society developments
  • Embraced the Society’s autism acceptance campaign

For this award we need to see:

  • That evidence offered happened within the three year-period from August 2019 - August 2022
  • An example of how the nominee has personally contributed to the team / service they work within, over and above expected job requirements
  • An example of how the nominee has pushed for new levels of excellence within their team / service or the Society
  • Evidence of this person being a great example of an ambassador for the Society /autism and neurodiversity
  •  Any other comments / additional evidence.

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