This award recognises a new or established team within any are of the Society, that can demonstrate impressive achievement through excellence in teamwork.

They will have consistently delivered on performance, or have examples of positive feedback from service users and their families or other colleagues.

Here are some examples of what they may have done:

  • Consistently works to raise the standards and profile of the Society
  • Instigated an initiative which has positively shaped future Society developments
  • Overcoming difficult circumstances to improve services and continue to provide high quality service
  • Implementing new ways of working that have made significant improvements to the quality or safety of care or created greater efficiencies within the service.
  • Embraced the Society’s Going for Gold autism acceptance campaign

For this award we need to see:

  • That evidence offered happened within the 12 month-period from April 2018 to May 1st
  • An example of positive feedback from external stakeholders as a result of the team’s work
  • An example of how the team has achieved or set new levels of excellence within their service or the Society as a whole
  • Evidence of this team being great role models for teamwork within their service area and the Society
  • Any other comments / additional evidence

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