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This is a resource area featuring specific information and guidance for parents, carers and employees. We have a range of online e-brochures and newsletters, that you can download about our range of services.Read more

Day 6 - My family life and work

With nearly 70% of adults with autism out of work it’s time to look at how we can break this cycle. Let’s look at My family life and work.Read more

Day 5 - My family life out and about

Travelling is a joy for many but for children, young people and adults with autism it can be a source of anxiety. Today it’s 'My family life out and about'.Read more

Day 4 - My family is learning

Getting there, staying there and finding the right place for your youngsters or adult children with autism, today we will cover education.Read more

Day 3 - My family life is fun!

Who says people with autism can’t have a happy, fulfilled life, full of fun? We certainly don’t. Let’s look today at 'My family life is fun!'Read more

Day 2 - My family is healthy and whole

Getting a diagnosis of autism is rarely the first step, there’s a whole journey of health before and after.Read more

Day 1 - My family life day to day

From bedtime routines to family dynamics, today we hear from Michelle and Kieran about their home life and we share advice from Dr Helen Leonard.Read more

What we do

We help remove barriers to support individuals with autism and learning difficulties into employment. This new service has been designed to support both the individual, and also the employer.Read more

Pathways Innovation Project

This programme supports adults aged 25+ from Sunderland to find work, training or volunteering opportunities.Read more

Short Breaks have made a world of difference

Despite all his problems and challenging behaviour, Melanie Curtis believes that her son Jenson, 15, is one of the lucky ones, because he has access to the short breaks respite care at NEAS Newton Aycliffe.Read more

Now ready to move on to an internship

Carer, Julie McGonigal, bursts with pride as she tells us about her foster son, James Pittilla, and his new internship at the NHS after graduating from Thornhill Park School.Read more

I can’t believe the change in my son in just three years!

Mum, Sharon Davison, talks to us about her son James, 19. She tells us about the transformation in James since attending Aycliffe School.Read more