In this 20-minute audio presentation, Employment Engagement Officer Rachael Leisk explains why hiring practices can act as an unintentional barrier to neurodivergent people, and how organisations can tweak them to recruit from a wider pool of talent.

Further resources

How Tyne Tunnels operator TT2 changed their role profiles and hiring practice to employ three neurodivergent members of staff - video on YouTube

Neurodiversity at Work - a guide (PDF) from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Pages 22-28 deal with recruitment practices.

Championing and supporting neurodiversity in the workplace - a guide (PDF) from City & Guilds. Pages 16-20 deal with recruitment practices.

Creative Differences Handbook - a guide (PDF) from Universal Music. Pages 41-49 deal with recruitment practices.

Specialisterne - a website of a global organisation set up to help organisations increase the neurodiversity of their workforce.

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