This award is for an individual or team, demonstrating an improvement or innovation which has made a positive difference for service users, staff, the world of autism and neurodiversity, or the Society as a whole. 

Without this person or team there would be a negative difference to what we do as a Society, and with them our key performance indicators, successes and positive outcomes have been measurably better.

In everything this person or team does it’s clear that making a difference is the why behind the what, always showcasing best practice.

Here are some examples of what they may have done:

  • Identified a bottle neck or problem area within a service and has worked to make the situation better
  • Used their own personal interests, contacts and skills to add value to the team, service, Society or to the lives of the service users in their care
  • Used personal time to develop skills and abilities to benefit the Society and our services
  • Instigated an initiative which has positively shaped future Society developments
  • Embraced the Society’s autism acceptance campaign

For this award we need to see:

  • That evidence offered happened within the three year-period from August 2019 to August 2022.
  • An example of how the nominee has personally contributed to the solving of a problem within the service area 
  • An example of how the nominee’s work has positively impacted the Society and so indirectly (or directly) helped change lives. Evidence of this person being a great example of an ambassador for the Society /autism and neurodiversity
  •  Any other comments / additional evidence.

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