Mackenzie Thorpe Centre

The Mackenzie Thorpe Centre is an independent specialist school based in South Bank, Redcar and Cleveland for pupils aged 5-19

Working together to inspire, support, celebrate and equip autistic and neurodiverse people to fulfil their potential in life.

Pupils at Mackenzie Thorpe Centre took part in a Bike Ability Level 1 lesson. This involved learning how to maintain their bikes and carrying out simple repairs, stressing the importance of always ensuring their bike is safe prior to riding.

The pupils then moved on to learning how to glide smoothly, for the younger children this was achieved by using balance bikes.

Once pupils were able to balance confidently without feeling wobbly or out of control, they went on to learn how to control the bike when setting off, cruising, slowing down, braking and stopping. They even learnt how to pedal one handed, which is required when signalling.

They then finished off learning the importance of being aware of their surroundings, which included looking behind and turning around obstacles.

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