On the third day of Christmas your giving could help people like Kieran have a voice.


The North East Autism Society may just be one of many autism charities working within the UK but one important aspect of our work sets us apart from the rest: we listen to what autistic people have to say.


In 2019 we’ll be establishing a steering group so autistic adults from our region can inform and help shape our services and ideals.


Blogger and autistic activist, Kieran, said:

There are a lot of organisations speaking to us and for us but there are very few actually interested in what we have to say. What I love about the North East Autism Society is that no one is saying ‘we know everything’ but everyone is genuinely interested in making life better for autistic people, and to do that they are including us in that conversation.


Your giving this Christmas will help enable this and other projects come to life so we keep the voice of autistic children, young people and adults right at the heart of everything we do. 

Make sure to come back for day four of our Christmas campaign!