On the eighth day of Christmas your giving could help people like Stevie live in their own home.


As well as residential care for adults and children the North East Autism Society also offers a supported living service.


Whether that’s in a bespoke apartment or home owned by us, or in a privately owned home supported by our staff, it means an independent life can once again be possible for adults.


Supporter worker, Liam, said:

This has been life changing for Stevie. Since being able to live in his own home, and go out shopping for his own things, his anxiety has lessened, he’s happier and we’ve seen a huge change in his wellbeing.


“Being able to offer this service is the difference for some families between thinking there’s no way for their adult children to leave care, especially if they have a high level of need, to them seeing what they were often told could never happen, their son or daughter living a full, happy, life as independent as possible.”


Your support and generosity this Christmas helps us continually shape and develop the services we offer so every autistic child, young person and adult can access they help and support they need.


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