On the first day of Christmas your giving could help parents like Jane find some answers.


Every week we are inundated with enquiries from families from across the North-east wondering where to turn now that autism has been mentioned in relation to their child. For many it can be a long, lonely journey to get an official diagnosis with very little in terms of support or direction in the meantime.


The North East Autism Society is committed to families at every stage of their journey which is why we run free parent groups and workshops across the region.


Whether you have a toddler, a teenager or an adult son or daughter, our team is on hand to offer advice, to help introduce you to other people in similar situations and to listen.

Jane said:

The world is a confusing place if you have autism and I’ve not always been equipped to understand that or to be able to help my own son. This group has helped in so many ways. Instead of hiding myself or him away I’m now proud to be the parent of an autistic child.


The North East Autism Society parent group and workshops are free to those accessing this service. Your giving helps ensure projects just like this are resourced so we can keep running these lifeline services.

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