On the fifth day of Christmas your giving could help people like Ashley find their dream job.


We launched our Employment Futures service just over a year ago and already hundreds of young people and adults from across the North-east have benefited from our dedicated employment service.


Designed to help autistic people and those with other examples of neurodiversity both find and sustain employment, Ashley is just one of our success stories.

Dad, Ashley said:

Employment Futures, made available through the North East Autism Society, was life changing for me. Derek was the first person from the service that I met and he saw something in me that I hadn’t even seen in myself.


“With the right help and support I’ve been able to find my dream job and now I’m helping other people who were in similar positions to myself.


“I really believe there are employers out there missing out on highly skilled individuals if only they could understand them or be offered the support they need to take on someone with autism. And I’m not just saying that because I have autism myself!”


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