On the eleventh day of Christmas your giving could help children like Ed and Quinn make friends.


Youth clubs, groups and after school activities are part and parcel of growing up for many children in the UK. But for autistic children and young people there’s a distinct lack of opportunity.


There’s even an outdated belief that people who are autistic can’t make friends. The two combined can make teenage years a challenging and isolated time.


We want to keep providing safe spaces and groups for young people – and your giving means we will have the ability to do so.


Over the last year we’ve piloted an arts group for young people.


Mum, Michelle, said:

Not only have we seen our sons develop a really strong friendship, something that until now we’ve been hoping for as he’s struggled to make friends, but it’s also meant friendships developing between us as parents as well.


Your generosity this Christmas allows us to plan more groups for young people, and to see more friendships develop with our incredible young people.


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