Aycliffe School

Aycliffe School is an independent, purpose-built specialist school based at the North East Centre for Autism, Newton Aycliffe in County Durham for pupils aged 3-19

Working together to inspire, support, celebrate and equip autistic and neurodiverse people to fulfil their potential in life.

About Our Career Hub: 

Focused on helping students to build their broader understanding of the workplace and employment, and providing the opportunity for students to learn about what skills are required to make successful transitions to the next stage of their life. 

Supporting post-14 students with their career choices and helping meet the Gatsby Benchmarks. 

Career Hub Framework 

To promote an organisational culture that encourages creativity and flexibility in the design and delivery of the curriculum and experimenting with new ways of learning and working 

Aims of the Career Hub: 

  1. Enable students to make clear connections between their classroom learning and employment 
  2. Link career, enterprise and independence skills development to a range of curriculum subjects including English, Mathematics, Design, Technology and Humanities 
  3. Provide encounters with employers and employees; an opportunity for students and the school to develop professional networks

Working in partnership with staff, students and employers 

  • Shared empowerment between staff, students and employers 
  • Respect for everyone's views and wishes
  • Open discussion involving students, staff and employers
  • A focus on aspirations and plans for the future
  • Willingness to compromise and reach agreement 

Working in partnership with Job Centre support for schools 

  • Work directly with Job Centre Support for schools, parents, businesses and influences to build a successful and sustainable future for our students
  • Work in co-production to help students realise their full potential beyond education 

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