Employment Futures

Employment Futures exists to help remove barriers to meaningful employment for autistic adults and/or those with learning difficulties.
For neurodiverse young people, adults, and those with disabilities, we know it can be a difficult process to find and remain in employment - which is why we started Employment Futures.

Our passion for innovation, personalisation and a commitment to empowering the individuals we support has allowed us to adapt our services year on year. 

Our expert team is ready to help support you access employment and do so with confidence. 

We are currently running several programmes helping people across the North-east.

Some measures include:
  • Workplace ‘matching’ – finding work placements and experience best suited to the needs and skills of the individual and the business
  • Work trials – a placement in actual working conditions with a view to being employed
  • Working interviews – ideal for those who normally under perform in traditional interview settings
  • Pre-work preparation – including help with interview skills and CV writing
  • Bespoke skills development
  • Building confidence and technique for positive disclosure

We know that many people are also unsure whether they'll be better off financially if they return to work. To work out your benefits entitlement, try this easy-to-use calculator created by Turn2us.

To find out more call the team on 0191 375 3941 or email [email protected]

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