Aycliffe School

Aycliffe School is an independent, purpose-built specialist school based at the North East Centre for Autism, Newton Aycliffe in County Durham for pupils aged 3-19

Working together to inspire, support, celebrate and equip autistic and neurodiverse people to fulfil their potential in life.

Fire fighters visit Aycliffe School

On July 14th 2021, fire fighters from Newton Aycliffe Fire Station came to visit Aycliffe School.

The children were lucky enough to be given the chance to use the fire hose as well as some of the other equipment, and pupils also got to sit inside the fire engine.

The fire fighters also answered any questions the children had.

World Bee Day

On 20th May 2021, we celebrated World Bee Day by doing different bee themed arts and crafts.

Here comes the Easter Bunny!

The pupils at Aycliffe School were lucky enough to be visited by the Easter bunny, who hopped around and visited each class, handing out easter eggs.

Comic Relief

To celebrate Red Nose Day each class made cakes for a Bake Off competition. The pupils also took part in a fancy dress race.

Children's Mental Health Week

At Aycliffe School we have been taking part in Children’s Mental Health Week, learners different strategies to support with regulation.

One strategy they used, was creating Breathing Wands. Using this technique has a physical effect on the body and helps to calm and lower levels of anxiety. This strategy was fun and creative way of encouraging learners to understand the impact of mindfulness.

Snow Day

On January 14th, the children from Aycliffe school spent the afternoon making snowmen and having a snowball fight. 

Santa comes to Aycliffe

As the school prepared for the Christmas break, the pupils from Aycliffe School enjoyed their Christmas dinner then got a visit from Santa Claus!

Merry Grinch-mas!

In the lead-up to Christmas, every class painted their windows with scenes from the Grinch movie.

Pupils also did a walk around the school, making their way around each scene in order.

It is Halloween, it is Halloween!

This week has been about getting ready for Halloween, we have been completing a range of different Halloween crafts including quizzes, maths puzzles, Halloween suncatchers, Halloween cookies and most importantly Pumpkin decorating.

Our week started with a trip out for students to choose their own pumpkin, due to COVID we couldn’t visit any pumpkin patches but a local supermarket offered us nearly the same experience. The students then designed the face, carving and painting on details, chose and built some accessories and finally picked a back ground picture before we had our photo shoot on Friday afternoon

Remembrance Day 2020

Pupils at Aycliffe School celebrated Remembrance Day by making poppies.