Acceptance Matters

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Acceptance Matters is a virtual conference hosted by the North East Autism Society, with autistic speakers to mark Autism Acceptance Week. The event takes place on Thursday, 1 April from 9.30am. Places are limited, so please register to secure your place.

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Presentation overview: Autism Activists 

Presenter: Kerrie Highcock 

Our autism activists project provides an opportunity for young autistic people to come together and share experiences. Their most recent projects explored what autistic young people want society to know about autism.

As well as providing an opportunity for learning, a clear message was shared that listening to the views and experiences of autistic young people is central in informing positive societal change.

About the presenter  

Kerrie Highcock, family development manager for North East Autism Society is responsible for managing services for families pre, during and after diagnosis.

Kerrie leads on the neurodiversity Think Tank, and is passionate about ensuring autistic voice is represented across her work. 

Kerrie recently completed her masters in autism at the university of Strathclyde where she focused on the experiences of young autistic adolescents and positive societal change.

Kerrie is currently studying for a doctorate in Education specialising in autism and has also recently published a book reflecting on her practice in the field.