Acceptance Matters

Acceptance Matters is a virtual conference hosted by the North East Autism Society. Featuring a panel of autistic speakers, the conference will cover the topics of autistic wellbeing, autism and employment, communication as autistic parents, and understanding autistic experience.

The event takes place on Thursday, 16th May from 9.30am. Places are limited, so please sign up to secure your place by clicking the button below or choosing "Book tickets" from the navigation menu above.

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Presenter: Ruth Jenks

Many parents struggle with healthy communication, regardless of their neurotype. Solutions aimed at neurotypical parents are frequently not suitable or workable for Autistic parents. In this talk Ruth will be discussing why the standard communication tools may not work for Autistic parents and what tools might be helpful. 

About the presenter

Ruth stepped into her Autistic ADHD identity in her late thirties. Her interest in the area has only grown in the intervening years. Her Neurodivergent partner and children tolerate her impromptu lectures about all things ND as a part of their daily lives. Ruth has been involved with Autistic Parents UK since its inception in 2020. She is passionate about improving the lived experience of Autistic parents. Her role with the charity has allowed her to deliver training to a growing variety of interested parties including the NHS, fostering services and other charities.

Autistic Parents UK (APUK), is a user-led non-profit organisation aiming to build support for Autistic parents (parents who are Autistic themselves) in the UK. Parenthood can be an amazing yet challenging time for all, but Autistic people may experience specific challenges and often lack effective support from family, friends and professionals. As well as facilitating a peer support network, APUK is committed to supporting Autistic parents in a number of ways, including regular blog articles from Autistic parents sharing lived experience, and monthly webinars with well-known Autistic Advocates

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