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Acceptance Matters is a virtual conference hosted by the North East Autism Society. Featuring a panel of autistic speakers, the conference will cover the topics of autistic wellbeing, autism and employment, communication as autistic parents, and understanding autistic experience.

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Multiply marginalised: Neurodiversity and cults

Presenter: Priscilla Eyles (she/they)

In this talk, Priscilla will talk about the susceptibility of multiply-marginalised neurodivergent people to cults.

Priscilla believes that there is a real lack of awareness in the neurodivergent community about the dangers of cults and that more people need to be made aware of the danger signs. Priscilla will discuss ways to achieve this, such as destigmatising conversations, thereby allowing more people like herself, with lived experience of cult abuse, to speak out and not be silent due to shame and fear. 

About the presenter:

Priscilla Eyles is passionate about finding long-term solutions to the barriers neurodivergent and disabled people with marginalised and intersectional identities face. They are also passionate about valuing the lived experience and contribution of multiply marginalised and neurodivergent people, as a mixed (with Zimbabwean and English heritage) neurodivergent (ADHD/ASD) and queer fluid-flux femme/AFAB themselves. 

Priscilla is currently the Project Coordinator at Inclusion London, working on an intersectional disability project and is an DEI trainer specialising in neurodivergence with Challenge Consultancy. They are also a trustee for their local DDPO, Camden Disability Action, and an active advocate for multiply-marginalised neurodivergent people and neurodivergent cult survivors.

Previously Priscilla worked as a Disability Job Coach for Disability Advice Services Lambeth, supporting a group of young neurodivergent people with complex needs in internships in the arts sector. They also have a background in journalism, communications and foundational psychotherapy training. 

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