DiversityNE is part-funded
by the European Social Fund and North of Tyne Combined Authority.

'Growing the power and potential of a neurodiverse workforce'

AT DiversityNE we are committed to helping neurodivergent individuals across the North-east take those all-important steps towards meaningful employment. 

However we recognise that our services won’t be suited to the needs of everyone who makes an enquiry – which is why we came up with our ‘No Wrong Door’ policy.

Our No Wrong Door policy is our guarantee to help you find a programme, service or organisation that is suited to your individual needs, wants and aspirations – whether that’s a programme offered by us, or another provider.

Service manager Derek Groves says: “We know that the individuals who come to us for support and guidance can often feel overwhelmed or uncertain about the options available to them and may have had negative experiences in the past.

“While our service will not be the right provision for everyone, we recognise the anxiety it could cause to simply turn away participants who don’t match our eligibility criteria.

“So even if we are unable to help or support an individual, we will strive to point them in the direction of someone that can.”

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