Kerrie Highcock, our family development manager, spells out some of the main misconceptions around masking.

The first – and the biggest – is that masking does not exist, that a child is being manipulative or the parents are imagining things.

But even where the idea of masking is accepted, there are still misunderstandings around who masks (is it really just girls?) and why they do it.

In this video, Kerrie dispels the myths and advises parents on where to find further information.

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Our family development service provides support for autistic people and their families pre, during and post diagnosis. The team is committed to providing the right support, at the right time and in the right way to ensure the best outcomes.

The team can offer different levels of support including:

  • Being a listening ear for families seeking information, advice and guidance
  • Refer you to appropriate services (if applicable)
  • Attend 'team around the family' meetings and compile reports (for families we are supporting)
  • Conduct home visits (for families living in Newcastle, North Tyneside and South Tyneside)

The team also offer a wide range of free services for families including:

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  • Family Workshops
  • Virtual workshops
  • Support Hubs
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