Amy is a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Sunderland an an autistic autism researcher. Her work focuses on understanding the impact of interpersonal victimisation among autistic people, and the relationship between autistic identity, masking and stigma. Last year, Amy co-wrote a paper on masking with Kieran Rose (below), which you can read here.

Jodie is an independent specialist working with autistic children, their families and their schools. Jodie has many years’ experience of working with autistic children as well as having autistic children of her own. 

Jodie holds an honours degree in psychology, a post graduate certificate in autism and is studying for a Masters in autism at Sheffield Hallam University.

Jodie is dedicated to continuous professional development and does so through regular CPD and immersing herself within the autistic community. 

Jodie is passionate about advocating for the children she works with and ensuring that those around the child have a full understanding of needs and support in a way that ensures positive autistic self-identity and positive emotional well-being.

Kieran Rose is a Writer, Consultant, Trainer and Public Speaker, with a background in Primary education and SEN.  He is Dad to two Autistic children and was diagnosed Autistic himself in 2003.

Kieran is dedicated to changing the negative narrative of Autism; his blog: The Autistic Advocate, is testament to that and has been read by more than three quarters of a million people. Kieran is the creator of #TakeTheMask off, an International social Media campaign created to bring attention to Autistic Masking, which had a reach of over 5 million people.

His Social Enterprise: Infinite Autism, is consulting for Durham Constabulary and North East Autism Society, as well as delivering training to schools, colleges and private business and provides funded family support services. Kieran also founded The Autistic Cooperative, an international network for over 100 Autistic-led Advocacy organisations, from over 60 countries.

Most importantly, Kieran's work is steering research in two completely misunderstood and overlooked areas: Autistic Masking and Burnout.

Zoe is 13 and was diagnosed as autistic seven years ago. She now runs ZAP Advocacy which stands for Zoe's Autism Project. Her mum Nic supports her and also runs Pandas Online, promoting information and signposting to the autistic community and those that care for them or work alongside them.

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