It can be very difficult for a teacher in a mainstream school to spot the signs of autistic masking, especially in a class of 30 or so pupils.

In this video, Tracey Train, principal of Mackenzie Thorpe Centre in Middlesbrough, gives teachers advice on what to look out for and what to do to support pupils and parents.

Clues can include a pupil mimicking peer groups, trying to stay below the radar, showing signs of exhaustion, and behaving completely differently between school and home, she says.

One of the main strategies for dealing with it is to liaise with and support parents. “Open communication is key,” Tracey says.

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The team can offer different levels of support including:

  • Being a listening ear for families seeking information, advice and guidance
  • Refer you to appropriate services (if applicable)
  • Attend 'team around the family' meetings and compile reports (for families we are supporting)
  • Conduct home visits (for families living in Newcastle, North Tyneside and South Tyneside)

The team also offer a wide range of free services for families including:

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