Frank, 18, lives at our Braemar Gardens children's residential home in Sunderland, and is such a stickler for avoiding waste that staff have given him a hi-vis "recycling champion" vest.

So there's nobody better to demonstrate our top 10 tips to avoid waste at Christmas and save money in the process.

1. Use recycled paper for wrapping

Brown paper, newspapers and magazines all do the job - you can decorate them for added sparkle.

2. Upcycle

Use waste or household items to create new things - like jam jars for candleholders.

3. Make your own decorations

See our Festive Resources pack for ideas, as well as our Day 10 story.

4. Bring the outside in

You can always use greenery and twigs from your garden or park to make your home look festive.

5. Recycle

Don't throw things away if they can can be recycled. And look out for community litter-picking groups to help clean up your environment.

6. Try home composting

Your food waste often ends up in landfill, but there are simple ways to set up a home composting system - even if you don't have a garden - to cut waste to zero.

7. Pre-loved is best

Buy second-hand for yourself and for gifts to cut down on unnecessary consumption.

8. Edible gifts

Making or decorating food to give as an edible gift shows thought and care. See our Day 14 story for ideas.

9. Fairy lights

LED or - even better - solar-powered lights are a good idea at Christmas.

10. Eat with the seasons

Many festive favourites are in season in December, such as clementines, dates, cranberries, sprouts and parsnips.

Find out more from our Festive Resources