WHAT's your favourite Christmas movie? We put the question to our Family Network as well as learners at Thornbeck College and Aycliffe school.

"Home Alone and Home Alone 2 in our house. Gets watched all year round and every week during this time of year! My youngest has even got Kevin-style pyjamas and has switched to cheese and tomato pizza. We call him Kevin sometimes as he looks a little like him!" 🤣

"Same here! My son loves it so much he's asked to go to New York!"

"Home Alone - my son thinks it's so funny. The facial expressions of the 'bad guys' have him howling with laughter."

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See it the cinema .. Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, from December 3-24 (Home Alone), and December 19-21 (Home Alone 2), with a double bill on December 16; Cineworld cinemas on December 17 (double bill).

"Arthur Christmas .. weird kid of the family with passionate and focussed interests is eventually seen by his family as the amazing human he is and his quirks and passions are his biggest strengths to the family." 😉

"Another vote for Arthur. Took small to cinema and had to come out, so sat in corridor till it finished. Now we have strategies, the cinema is a happy place!"

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See it at the cinema .. Arthur Christmas is showing at Vue cinemas from December 2.

"Elf because my son loves running around the house acting it out as it plays. It's a good film and has lots of themes of being true to yourself and being kind and accepting. Also, cracking soundtrack!"

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See it at the cinema .. Elf is showing at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, from December 9-24; Vue cinemas from December 1-27; Cineworld cinemas from December 2-4.

"My seven-year-old son loves Tim Allen's The Santa Clause 1, 2 and 3, or Kurt Russell's The Christmas Chronicles 1 and 2. He loves the story of Christmas but loves the funny bits too and will watch these films over and over."

"The Santa Clause .. reminds me of my childhood and watching it every year. Makes me feel so Christmassy and excited." 🥰

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See it at the cinema .. The Santa Clause is showing in Vue cinemas from December 9.

"The Grinch. One little girl restoring faith in humanity."

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See it at the cinema .. How The Grinch Stole Christmas is showing at the Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, from December 10-16.

"The kids love The Polar Express. Trains and Santa - winning combination."

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See it at the cinema: The Polar Express is showing at the Tyneside Cinema from December 10-23.

"You can't beat Mr Bean, can you?"

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Relaxed screenings

Cinemas around the North-east have regular relaxed screenings to make the movie-going experience more autism friendly.

It involves softer lighting in the auditorium, lowered film volume, no trailers and only 2D films. Families can bring their own food and drink and sit where they are most comfortable. Movie-goers are welcome to move around during the film.

They are variously described as: relaxed screenings, Autism Friendly, AF or sensory screenings.  

You can search for them in your local area at the Accessible Screenings UK website: https://accessiblescreeningsuk.co.uk/.

Relaxed screenings coming up in the North-east include:

  • The Muppet Christmas Carol, Sunday 26th November, Tyneside Cinema
  • Wish, Sunday 26th November, at Showcase Cinema de Lux, Teesside
  • Wish, Sunday 3rd December, at all Vue cinemas