Rather than talking about deficits or disability, we want autism and neurodiversity to be celebrated and accepted; to be seen and understood in a positive light. This doesn’t take away from challenges and difficulties but it is a pendulum swing back from autism, and those of us who are autistic, being framed entirely as a problem.

Imagine if you were constantly described negatively?  Autism in itself is a neutral word to describe how some of our bodies and brains process and handle the information coming in and out of our bodies. While living in a world designed predominantly for those of us who are more neurotypical there will, of course, be challenges.

Life isn’t always easy – especially as some of us also have other conditions or disabilities alongside being autistic, but we believe our region can lead the way in being not just autism friendly – but autism accepting.

You can Join us on the Road to Acceptance this year by changing the language you use when discussing autism and autistic people.

You can help change the negative narrative. 

One of our autism activists Zoe, aged 11 talks about why language and acceptance matters.

For more information about the changing narrative of autism, register for our Acceptance Matters Conference. 

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