It’s the colour associated with success and achievement. It’s the hallmark of great things and it’s once again our chosen colour for this year’s autism awareness week activities.

Rather than talking about deficits or disability, we want autism and neurodiversity to be celebrated and accepted; to be seen and understood in a positive light. This doesn’t take away from challenges and difficulties but it is a pendulum swing back from autism, and those of us who are autistic, being framed entirely as a problem.

Life isn’t always easy – especially as some of us also have other conditions or disabilities alongside being autistic, but we believe our region can lead the way in being not just autism friendly – but autism accepting.

People, businesses, schools, supporters and families have already started signing up so why not make GOLD the target for us all?

UK Autistic campaigners began this gold quest and we are once more backing their drive. It’s a step away from controversial charities, particularly in the United States still advocating ‘cures’ and outdated, harmful therapies and it’s an opportunity to set a new standard – a gold standard – for autism and neurodiversity, and we would love for everyone across our region to take part.

If you live near any of the following landmarks please take a pic as they GO GOLD for Autism Acceptance Week. Use the hashtags #GoingforGold and #AutismAcceptanceWeek, tag @NEAutismSociety so we can share them on our social media pages! 


Northern Spire Bridge, Penshaw Monument, Keel Square, Market square, Seaburn Lighthouse, Fulwell Mill and Hylton Castle

29th March - 2nd April


Newcastle Civic Center

29th March - 4th April


Center Square Fountains

29th March - 4th April


Gateshead Millenium Bridge

2nd April


Stockton Town Hall, Stockton High Street fountains and columns, Riverside and Newport Bridge

2nd April

Redcar and Cleveland 

Redcar Beacon

2nd April


Darlington Town Clock

2nd April

There are several ways you can join in from home this year too: 

  • Between 7 and 8pm you can switch all your lights on at home and take a picture of your house! Even better – if your street can join in, send us those pics too. You can be isolating – but joining forces for Autism Acceptance.

  • Or you could get super creative… dig out those Christmas tree lights, fill your house with light – even use those Chinese Lanterns hiding in the back of your cupboards!

For decoration and activity ideas: 

Download our Autism Acceptance pack