In our education services, we offer personalised travel training as part of our "preparing for adulthood" program. The aim is to help children and young people travel independently and confidently, whether it's getting to school, college, work, or simply for social and leisure activities.

Travel training isn't just about getting from A to B. It's about boosting independence, self-esteem, and confidence. Judith Gibbons, a teacher at Aycliffe school, highlights;

"Our approach is tailored to each pupil's needs. It could start with something as basic as crossing the road safely and progress to more challenging tasks like using public transport to reach work or leisure spots in the community.

For some learners, especially those facing sensory issues, accessing public transport or being out and about can be daunting. But we're committed to breaking down those barriers. Our aim is to ensure our learners can access services and experiences just like anyone else, without feeling excluded because of their additional needs."

Our schools start early, integrating travel training even for our youngest pupils, who may simply start by using the mini-bus with staff. From there, we continue to support them as they grow, whether they're four or seventeen, helping them gain the skills they need to navigate places independently.

Key skills covered in our training include personal and road safety awareness, journey planning, preparing for different weather conditions, safely leaving school or college, and coping with unexpected situations like cancelled trains or missed stops. Our goal is to empower every young person, regardless of age or stage, to travel confidently and safely.

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