Discover the support and accommodations available at Newcastle International Airport to make the journey smoother for families. 

Michelle Alexander, mam of two autistic children is a frequent traveller from Newcastle Airport. In the video below Michelle gives some valuable tips and resources for making airport travel a positive experience. Michelle said:

Going on holiday is a time to relax, be happy, and enjoy quality time together as a family. Traveling can be overwhelming and stressful for anyone, but the reasonable adjustments that Newcastle Airport is making significantly improves the experience. With the right support in place, you can go on holiday knowing that some of the stress is taken away. Hidden disabilities and neurodivergence should not hinder life experiences for families; everyone deserves to explore the world like anyone else. 

Michelle's Top Tips
  1. When booking online, remember to inform the airline that your child is autistic and specify their needs. This information will be transferred to the airport, reducing uncertainty for the staff.
  2. To minimise stress and avoid queues, aim to arrive as early as possible.
  3. Make sure to utilise the special assistance service where staff will inform you of your gate, eliminating the need to wait for board updates and ensuring a smoother experience.
  4. Communicate your support requirements to the special assistance staff—they are there to assist you.
  5. Take advantage of the sensory lounge—this is a quiet space away from the bustling restaurant areas, ideal for children with sensory sensitivities.
  6. Navigating security can be daunting, but you can arrange for fast-track escort services in advance to bypass queues.
  7. If the duty-free area poses sensory challenges, staff can guide you through an alternate route to avoid it.

The airport is continuously improving services, particularly for families with children with hidden disabilities. It's crucial for them to listen to the autistic community's experiences and perspectives on accessing services. 

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