Thornbeck College

Thornbeck College is an Independent Specialist College providing personalised programmes to autistic and neurodivergent individuals

Working together to inspire, support, celebrate and equip autistic and neurodivergent people to fulfil their potential in life.

National Careers Week is a one-week celebration of careers guidance in education across the UK. The college learners participated in range of activities during Careers Week including:

  • Accessing a virtual careers fair
  • Virtual workplace tours across a vast range of sectors
  • Identifying staff career journeys
  • Developing a range of soft employability skills including, teamwork, communication and problem solving
  • Identifying their individual skills and qualities in relation to employment
  • Participating in work experience
  • Identifying a range of job sources to support with employment

Participating in the event has increased learners' understanding of potential careers pathways and identify how their skills can be developed and used towards future career aspirations.