If you’ve ever been told you would never be able to do something, then today is for you!

For the theme of today’s Autism Awareness Week campaign is 'My family life is fun!'

Here at the North East Autism Society we believe passionately that there should be no limits or lines drawn for people with autism. Why can’t someone have a happy, whole, fulfilled life simply because they see the world differently?

Today we will be hearing from parents who’ve dared to believe that their children can enjoy their lives.

We know this won’t be the case for everyone and that for many families watching their loved ones retreat into themselves can be difficult, however, the aim of today is to cause hope to rise once more through hints, tips, ideas and suggestions, and above all else offer a better understanding of what is possible for those with an autism spectrum condition.

Let’s make the North-east sit up and take note of the amazing children, young people and adults living here with autism, and the brilliant services available to them.

Michelle and Kieran Rose from Consett discuss how their children have a happy, fulfilled life, full of fun but also some of the challenges they can also face. Writer and autism activist, Kieran, is himself autistic, their eldest son, Quinn (8) also has a diagnosis of autism and of the couple’s other two children, one is in the diagnostic process. This is their full interview for World Autism Awareness Week.

Kerrie Highcock, Family Development Manager talks about autism and top tips whilst accessing the community. 

Top Tips to help you and your child when accessing the community.

Top tips - accessing the community

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