Welcome to day four of our World Autism Awareness Week specials. Today, as part of our week-long campaign we’re going to be looking at school.

Education is something many families in the UK take for granted. Aside from the challenges of getting a place in your desired school having your children attend day to day is part of the norm. But for lots of families dealing with children on the spectrum school can be one of the biggest challenges of all.

Not only is finding the right environment often an uphill struggle but staying in regular education can be an issue for many children and young people.

Today we will hear from parents whose fight for the right school place has paid off, and from others whose children remain disengaged from education for various reasons.

Like primary education, secondary and further education may seem but a dream for families whose children are non-verbal or unhappy in school but there’s still hope! We hear from a mum whose daughter is thriving in our specialist college.

Check out the latest articles and videos and please do share so we can raise awareness of autism. The wider it can go the more they will know! Let’s celebrate the brilliant achievements of our children and young people this week!

Kieran Rose opens up about his experience at school and the importance in finding the right school for his son Quinn (8).

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