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Sophie Madison, AS specialist mentor 

"I joined the student mentoring service team in November 2021. I graduated from Sunderland University in 2021 with a Psychology degree, gaining my first postgraduate job at NEAS. 

"My favourite thing about being a mentor is getting to know each student and helping them to achieve their goals and gain confidence in their own ability. 

"The support I offer to each of my students is tailored towards their specific needs. This ranges from dealing with stress and change, managing workloads, organising time to meet deadlines, helping people to access other support or finding a society to join.

"The aim of mentoring is always to help the student have the best experience they possibly can." 

Kathryn Walker, DSA Specialist Mentor

"I joined NEAS in July 2019 and have been a mentor since joining. I have worked in education since 1993 initially starting as an assessor/invigilator. After a break to have children and complete my own university studies, I moved over to working within a college and A Level team as a mentor. I then became a mentor with NEAS.

"The most rewarding part of the job is seeing the students gain strength and enthusiasm, confidence and persistence to move forward with projects. To mentor is to help people achieve and develop the tools to be successful learners and gain social and emotional well-being to get along in their lives."

Izzy Johnstone, AS Specialist Mentor

 "I have worked for NEAS since November 2020. Prior to joining NEAS I completed a Psychology degree which led me to start a career supporting others.

"The best part of being a specialist mentor is when students come back to me to show me what they have achieved in University, and how proud they are of themselves.

"I am so lucky to be part of a student mentor team who all care about participants."