Aycliffe School

Aycliffe School is an independent, purpose-built specialist school based at the North East Centre for Autism, Newton Aycliffe in County Durham for pupils aged 3-19

Working together to inspire, support, celebrate and equip autistic and neurodiverse people to fulfil their potential in life.

On Tuesday 28th June learners in class 7 worked with staff to hold a fair to fundraise money to buy trees to plant. 

The students have been doing their John Muir Conservation Award.

The students held a fair with each learner in the class picking a stall to organise and run. They had to decide what materials they needed to run their stall and even set their own prices.

Teacher Lisa Wood said 'I am really happy with the work our learners have put in. They have worked incredibly hard'.  

The learners created different stalls including a favourite of the day, splash the staff stall. Learners also held a 'hook a duck', 'ring toss', 'tombola' and 'guess how many sweets'. The event went incredibly well, and the fair raised over £170. Sixth form also had a stall at the fair and raised a further £80 towards their end of term trip.

Level 4 Owen Dickinson, who teaches the award said 'I am so happy with how well the boys in our class did. They worked so hard to plan and organise the event and I'm very happy with how much the parents/guardians came out and supported them too. It was great to see everyone together having fun but raising money for the learners to be able to do something so good.'

'I also want to thank the staff in our class for their support and the staff who took part in the splash stall. Especially our Vice principal Gavin Batie who got absolutely soaked.

fundraiser at Aycliffe school