We value the range of benefits that corporate support can bring to the Society and recognise that for business finding a partnership match, there can be obstacles. We understand that you as a business want to do more to support your community but may not know where to start.

We’re here to help you build a successful partnership with NEAS.

We will make it easy for you to achieve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

  • Through shared values and objectives
  • Demonstrating your Social Value, for very low, to no investment cost
  • Helping you measure impact and report on CSR progress
  • By clearly communicating your return on investment
  • …and potential helping you attract and win more business.

INC logos and more info about becoming a business champion 

Our Corporate Membership is a free way for your company to engage with your community, in particular contributing towards the work we do with families, right across the North East.

Charity of the Year

Nominate us as your businesses COTY and join the ranks of other pioneering North East businesses such as ?? and ??

  • Office fundraising
  • Employee match/ Tax fee giving
  • Gifts in kind/prizes
  • Payroll giving
  • Collections etc…
  • NEAS own events
  • 3rd party & challenge events
  • Plan your own
  • Host a Gala Events…
  • Event sponsorship
Corporate members/champions

Elect to move from being a ‘Member’ through the ranks to become a ‘Gold Champion’ through the backing and involvement of your staff

and stakeholders. By choosing to become involved you can boost and encourage a positive internal culture of kindness, whilst enabling us to carry out our vital charitable objectives. Benchmark your performance against other businesses in our network to see how you are progressing!

For more information please contact our team on 0191 312 1112 or email [email protected]