KIERAN Carter, whose three-year-old daughter is autistic, raised more than £1,000 for the North East Autism Society with a three-day History Hike from Hexham to Hartlepool.

Kieran live Tweeted his 60-mile hike through pit villages and along old Roman roads and Victorian wagon ways on his account @neheritagelib, pointing out sites of historical interest on the way.

He had plenty of training under his belt thanks to the 12-mile walks he does most weekends for his grassroots history website North East England Heritage Library - a passion project he says is aimed at "making local history more accessible for normal people".

Kieran, who lives in Newcastle, set a target of £500 but smashed it by raising £1,124. "I'm incredibly grateful for all the support I received from followers and the general public, including those who wished me well in person along the way," he says.

"Knowing these funds will go towards supporting children and parents who deserve our kindness has made me incredibly proud.

"It's really personal for me because my daughter is autistic and I want to raise public awareness.

She thrives at home but people can sometimes stare and judge when we're in public spaces, and it's heartbreaking. I want to shine a light on how we should treat autistic children.

Kieran's history site and walks focus on what he calls "micro-histories" and the type of subjects overlooked by more traditional history - such as football, coal mines and shipyards. 

Tiny details such as street furniture really resonate with his audience. "It's things like post boxes and signs, and how they have survived without anyone really noticing them. They can give you an instant flashback to 100 years ago - it's quite magic."

There were many highlights on his fundraising trek through Northumberland and Durham. "I saw countless Roman forts and roads, long abandoned coal mines and more medieval churches than you can count," he says.

"It ended up being over 60 miles thanks to the twists and turns out of curiosity!"

You can see Kieran's photos and research from his hike on his Twitter or on his website