Family Development

Made possible from a wealth of experience gathered over four decades serving the North-east we’ve created a Family Resources website just for you.

Brought together by our Family Development team, members of our Neurodiversity think tank and from families sending us their tips and advice we’ve put together a bank of free resources to help you, as part of our valued community, to navigate the day-to-day challenges of life.

The way autistic people communicate may be considered different to non-autistic people, but this shouldn’t be seen as flawed, instead it should be recognised as a difference. This section will provide rich insight into the topic of communication from both an autistic and non-autistic perspective.

Communication aids
Communication checklist
Communication differences
Exploring friendships 
Social Stories
Introduction to selective mutism
Intro to objects of reference
Developing comprehension
Creating relationship circles
Conversations with Marie Sowter
Comic Strip Conversations