Family Development

Made possible from a wealth of experience gathered over four decades serving the North-east we’ve created a Family Resources website just for you.

Brought together by our Family Development team, members of our Neurodiversity think tank and from families sending us their tips and advice we’ve put together a bank of free resources to help you, as part of our valued community, to navigate the day-to-day challenges of life.

Being emotionally well is fundamental to every human being. Current research suggests that autistic people are more likely to experience poor mental health than non-autistic people. In this section, we aim to provide a selection of useful information, support strategies and personal insight to help explore this subject further.

Autistic burnout
Autistic masking
Building self esteem
Personal tools and strategies

Introduction to anxiety

Meltdowns vs Tantrums
Obsessions and repetitive behaviours
Understanding messages in behaviour
What is Alexithymia?
The Window of tolerance
Supporting emotional regulation
My feelings worksheet
Interests and hobbies
Introduction to self-harm
Introduction to scaling
Zones of regulation
Tips for supporting anxiety
My circle of control template
My circle of control
My worry cards
Gender Dysphoria
Boundaries in relation to behaviour
The Behaviour iceberg
Energy accounting example
Energy accounting template
Intro to energy accounting
ABCD chart
Children's Mental Health Week resources
Thoughts before sleep