A gift left in a will is very special to us; it helps us plan into the future to ensure we can continue our vital work. It helps us to keep planning, adapting and innovating to ensure our service users have the happiest, healthiest most fulfilling lives possible. 

A gift in your will could help us to provide care, support and services for autistic and neurodivergent children, adults and their families, for generations to come. Your gift could give the reassurance to families that their children will continue to be supported to be who they want to be.

By leaving a gift you will help to provide a lasting legacy for autistic children and adults and give them the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Your legacy will be the child who speaks, when everyone said they never would; the teenager who gains their first friend; the adult who gains employment giving them the independence they crave; the family who finally have peace of mind.  We, and they, really appreciate your support. 

How legacy gifts change lives

Every gift made makes a real impact. A gift in your will could set up services in new areas, provide support for families or purchase much-needed specialist equipment.

Every week we are inundated with enquiries from families from across the North-east wondering where to turn and for many, it can be a long, lonely journey to get an official diagnosis with very little in terms of support or direction in the meantime. We are committed to families at every stage of their journey which is why we run free parent groups and workshops across the region.

Whether you have a toddler, a teenager or an adult son or daughter, our team is on hand to offer advice, to help introduce you to other people in similar situations and to listen.

Jane said:

The world is a confusing place if you are autistic and I’ve not always been equipped to understand that or to be able to help my own son. This group has helped in so many ways. Instead of hiding myself or him away I’m now proud to be the parent of an autistic child.

Our parent group and workshops are free to those accessing this service. Your gift could ensure projects just like this are resourced so we can keep running these lifeline services.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about leaving a gift, to request our free information pack or to find out more about the difference a gift can make. We always recommend seeing a solicitor if you're thinking of writing your will but we can help with any questions you might have.

Please call us on 0191 4109974 or