Our Number 24 site is based in Sunderland and offers a diverse range of programmes based on the individual assessed needs of the adults accessing the provision.

Our day services team provide personalised social and vocational training programmes for autistic and neurodivergent adults, developing their potential and promoting economic inclusion.

Our service offers a structured environment whereby individuals can participate in a range of programme areas including: woodwork, textiles, IT, horticulture, floristry, catering, card making, retail, therapy, leisure, community access and sensory development.

Our staff use a range of personalised approaches that enables adults to be actively involved in choosing their own activities and programmes areas of interest. 

Each adult's programme consists of important Personal and Social Development areas including: communication and social interaction, sensory, personal care, independent living skills and health and wellbeing. 

We recognise the importance of functional skills in lifelong development. Our aim is to support and equip each adult with the basic practical skills required in everyday life.

Our Staff

Nicole Dowell - Programme Manager

Kevin Leary - Assistant Manager

Alan Connon - Senior Programme Support Worker

Alfie Scales - Senior Programme Support Worker

Angela Crosby - Senior Programme Support Worker

Quality of our Programmes

Supported into Employment  - Beamish Museum

Ailsa at Beamish

Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

0191 516 8164

[email protected]