Supported living is a way of providing housing and support to help people to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

We have developed supported living services in partnerships with a number of Housing Associations to enable individual’s to live in their own home rather than living in residential accommodation or living with their family. Support can be provided for individuals to live independently in the community, either on their own or sharing with others. Supported living arrangements are very flexible and are designed to give each person choice and control over their home and the way they live their life. Each person's support is based on their individual assessed needs.

We aim to increase each person's independence in areas such as accessing a wide range of community based activities, managing the responsibilities of being a tenant and support into employment. Over time this may lead to the level of individual support required decreasing.

We are registered to provide a supported living care service with the Care Quality Commission. Our supported living service is tailored to the needs of the individual, there's no one type of accommodation where supported living is provided. Examples of supported living we provide include:

  • Support in a flat or house that you rent, 
  • Sharing a rented house with others receiving supported living care
  • Independent flats that are part of a wider supported living scheme

The type of supported living service we provide will be based on the assessed need of the individual. This could be a few hours a week to enable an individual to access a community based activity to 24 hour care 7 days a week. Individual packages of support might include help with:

  • Managing personal finances – help with welfare benefits and paying bills
  • Managing their home - help with tasks such as shopping and cooking
  • Managing a tenancy 
  • Personal care 
  • Accessing education opportunities
  • Finding voluntary or paid employment
  • Taking part in community life – accessing social and leisure activities 
  • Making and maintaining friendships and relationships

We will ensure the transition from any current service to the supported living service is a smooth as possible. In preparation for the move we will work with the individual to get to know their preferred methods of support, routines and health needs. We will support them to adapt to their new home, to get to know the local area and new neighbours and to maintain contact with friends and family. As with all our support, we develop person-centred plans with people and support them to achieve their goals and aspirations. Once we agree with people what support will and will not include an individual support contract will developed. We will also support people to be good tenants, providing accessible information on their responsibilities to their housing provider and their neighbours.

For more information on our Supported Living service please call:
Peter Mountain on 0191 410 9974 or email