Thornhill Park School

Thornhill Park School is an independent specialist school based in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear for pupils aged 4-19

Our mission is to work together inspiring, supporting, celebrating and equipping autistic and neurodiverse children, young people and adults.

As part of Social Enterprise, Aaron has been leading the class with some rock painting.

He has been able to put his literacy and numeracy skills to good use to research different personalised rocks. He created a shopping list and said he needed items such as paint, gems, googly eyes and varnish to decorate his rocks and went out to purchase the items needed.

Aaron was able to make his own order form and labels in preparation. Aaron then travelled to town using the public bus to buy resources. All of the class have joined in with Aaron's idea and made some lovely rocks so far.

Orders can be made, and these will be priced at £1 each and available to buy on 19th July at Emsworth from 1.30pm.