What is Payroll Giving?
Payroll Giving is a scheme that enables your employees to give to any UK charity, including the North East Autism Society, straight from their gross salary (before tax is deducted), and to receive immediate tax relief of up to £5 for every £10 donated.

The business benefits
Quick and easy to set-up and administer (normally via your payroll software or payroll provider). Payroll Giving is a great way for you to demonstrate commitment to the causes that your employees care about. It can also aid retention and recruitment of staff and enable you to generate a sustainable income stream to charities without a cost the business.

What are the benefits to charities?
Payroll Giving provides the North East Autism Society with regular, reliable donations that allow us to plan ahead and budget for the future. By signing up to Payroll Giving, you can generate a vital income stream for the North East Autism Society and help ensure we can support people on the autism spectrum for years to come.

The benefits to employees
Payroll Giving is an easy, tax-effective way to give to charity - it costs employees less to give more. The system is easy to opt in and out of, giving donors full control over their giving.

Signing up
To get your company involved in our payroll giving scheme all you need to do is get in touch with us. We will arrange the best way to introduce this to your staff - from posters to messages in payslips. We will design a campaign that will ensure your staff recognise the benefits the scheme offers and the commitment of the company to this form of fundraising.

Please either email us or phone us (0191 410 9974) for a chat to explore if payroll giving is right for you and your company.