To help us process the mountains of information and posts being shared on social media this week, we have asked Kieran Rose, the Autistic Advocate, to list his top three helpful resources for understanding #autismacceptance.

It doesn’t take much more than a cursory search of the word ‘autism’ at the moment to discover the minefield of images, misinformation and divided opinion.

Kieran, of Infinite Autism, co-leads our Neurodiversity Think Tank which informs and helps shape our services at the North East Autism Society.

He is fast becoming a much sought after speaker across the world, but we are lucky enough to have him in the North-east.

Here are his top three ‘must reads’:

Number one – a great piece from Psychology Today!

Echoing our stance on moving from autism awareness to acceptance the writers powerfully put it like this: “the act of being aware does little to enact change in and of itself.” 

Number two – volume one of Understanding the Autistic Mind.

This amazing free resource is a collaboration between several autistic-led organisations and advocates. Available in English and Spanish, it’s a wealth of information for anyone truly interested in learning from autistic people themselves.

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Number three – written by Kieran himself in response to the plethora of unhelpful memes, symbols and articles being circulating – especially during this so-called awareness months, this piece on Fake News and Inconvenient Truths is an absolute must read.


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fake news and inconvenient truths