Bullying is an important issue for all pupils but people on the autism spectrum are particularly vulnerable. 

But today we can all make a difference because it’s Stand up to Bulling Day 2018.

A Society-wide competition to create an awareness poster about bullying saw more than a dozen entries from the North-east’s leading autism service provider’s day services, children’s and adult residential homes, schools and college.  

Chris Dempster, director of education at North East Autism Society said:

Bullying, in whatever form and for whatever reason, has no place in North East Autism Society.  As a Society we are committed to providing caring, friendly and safe environments for everyone to enable them to reach their maximum potential, in relaxed and secure atmospheres. Individuals who access our services all have autism/neurodiversity and the nature of these difficulties can for some individuals make communication and understanding other points of view very difficult. This does not make us complacent to the nature of bullying, its causes and effects. 

We strive to educate our children, young people and adults about bullying; about what they should look out for and what to do if they are bullied. I’m thrilled with the number of poster entries that we’ve received, but more importantly that the incredible people in our services, worked alongside staff to take part and were able express their own views in a national campaign to help put a stop to bullying.

Stand up to Bullying takes place every year on 13 June. It’s funded by The Diana Award, the charity legacy of Princess Diana, who believed in the power of young people to change the world.

Stand up to bullying day 2018

The three winners, judged by John Phillipson, ceo, with the help of Brian Stoker, head of care and Chris Dempster, director of education were:

  • Ashton Way, adults residential for their tree design – hands formed the leaves of a tree. Each hand had an individual messages from staff and service users about raising awareness of bullying.
  • Emsworth, adult day services for their ‘Quit bullying be a buddy not a bully’ design.
  • Thornhill Park School (pre 14 class) for their ‘We may all be different but in this class we swim together’ design.

 The winning poster will be professionally printed and used by the Society to help raise awareness about bullying. The winning poster will also have their design printed on to six mugs.

To see all the amazing poster designs please visit our Facebook page.