Have you seen our amazing gallery – bursting with your Jolly Jumper pics and historic photos of your best Christmases?

Well we would love you to join in.


Why not rummage through those photo boxes, or scroll through your photo archives and send us a pic that could be captioned, ‘My Best Christmas Ever.’


Send us your comments, stories, pics and memories.


Thinking happy thoughts – by remembering happy times – has actually been proven to increase serotonin (the happy hormone), reduce blood pressure and boost wellbeing.


So have a go below…


Sharing your stories of having happy Christmases amidst some of the challenges faced could also give much-needed hope for other people reading.

One parent explained to us that during the extremely protracted diagnostic process Christmas seemed like an unwelcome ‘extra’ to cope with. But… a night out at a relaxed performance of a panto turned the whole situation around. Making memories briefly eclipsed the stresses of coping with impersonal processes and systems.


We can’t wait to hear your stories: whether you are neurotypical, neurodivergent, autistic, undiagnosed, diagnosed, a parent, a friend… WHOEVER… let’s spread some festive cheer.



Tomorrow we are going to hear about one extraordinary Christmas… a very NEAS Christmas! You won’t want to miss it.