THE Kardashians are doing it, Peter Andre has done it and thanks to a drive to raise awareness of autism, a north-east family are getting in on the action too.

From March 26 - April 2 The Rose family from Consett will be opening up their home and their lives for a no-holds-barred look behind-the-scenes at what life is really like being autistic for World Autism Awareness Week.

This ‘reality TV’ approach will help shed light on the upside – as well as the challenges faced – of life with autism.

Dad Kieran and mum, Michelle, hope their week in the limelight will offer a greater understanding of the neurodevelopmental condition which allows three of their family of five, to see and understand the world differently.

Michelle, who runs her own marketing business, said:

I don’t think we are quite as glamorous as Kim and Kanye but we’ve probably got as much to share with the world. In many ways our lives are like any other family: there are school runs and moody kids and mealtimes, but we also have to face life dealing with what other people think of when they hear the word ‘autism’. It can be tough at times but it can also be brilliant. This isn’t something to be cured. It’s something to be understood.

Writer and autism activist, Kieran, is himself autistic, their eldest son, Quinn (8) also has a diagnosis of autism and of the couple’s other two children, one is in the diagnostic process.

Kieran added:

It will be a busy week that’s for sure. We are partnering with the North east Autism Society and will be sharing videos, live posts, articles and blogs. You’ll see what it’s like for a family to go out and about dealing with life when there are multiple sensory considerations. I’m going to share from Westminster when a new report is launched. I’m going to give you a candid look at our week. If any of this helps people to understand autism even a little bit more it will be worth it. There are so many misconceptions and so many statements made about us but not by us. I loved that the North East Autism Society wanted to see life from our point of view.

Shadowing the Rose family forms part of the North East Autism Society’s week-long My Family Life campaign which will showcase the life-changing services provided by the charity as well as raising awareness of autism and the issues surrounding the neurodevelopmental condition.

Visit our campaign page and Facebook page throughout World Autism Awareness Week to see and hear from the Roses and the team at the North East Autism Society.