A pioneering charity believes it has the keys to improving life for thousands of people across the UK – and in turn boosting the economy and health of our nation.

It’s a bold claim but by removing labels given to people and services through establishing the country’s first all-encompassing Autism and Neurodiversity Academy, John Phillipson is confident a world of opportunity will open up for people once categorized by the way they process life.


The CEO of the North East Autism Society and former chair of the Autism Alliance UK, Mr Phillipson said:

For a long time now we have been working tirelessly to shift mindsets when it comes to how people perceive autism and it’s really paying off. We’ve come so far.

By society and businesses understanding what each neurodiverse person can offer we can change the way we provide services from shopping and leisure, to sport and the arts. From hotels and hospitality, travel and employment to GP services and job centres.


ANDA – the UK’s first fully comprehensive Autism and Neurodiversity Academy – is partnering with Professor Amanda Kirby, CEO of Do-IT Solutions. She has more than 25 years expertise in the field of neurodiversity and is one of the first Disability Confident Leaders in Wales..

Autism and Neurodiversity Academy


ANDA aims to provide world-class training for businesses, public and third sector organisations, employers and even employees needing to understand how neurodiversity can impact but also enhance their skill sets and productivity.


Amanda added:

I am delighted to be working with the team at NEAS who have a shared and positive vision about employers seeing the benefits of a neurodiverse trained workforce. I know there is a need for training to ensure employers have the confidence in doing so, and I am excited that ANDA can offer this support in a professional and practical manner.


From pre-packaged training options, to world-renowned speakers, personalised on-site training to e-learning and webinars, the Academy has all the tools to increase your understanding and equip your organisation to deliver exceptional customer service and to become the very best employer and service provider possible.


If we consider the UK has over 40 commercial airports supporting in excess of 238 million passengers per year. The NHS deals with 1 million patients every 36 hours and with one in eight people in our nation thought to be seeing and understanding their world in a more diverse way, why wouldn’t you want to open the doors for their employment, their needs and their custom? 

For more information about the Autism and Neurodiversity Academy, please call the team on 0191 492 4384 or drop us an email