We are excited to announce the launch of our new Family Resources subsite. The purpose of Family Resources is to provide easily digestible bite size chunks of information to help with everyday life.

Within Family Resources, there is a library of helpful documents and videos available which have been created by the Family Development Team, our NEAS neurodiversity think tank members, autistic adults and parents of autistic children and young people.

Kerrie Highcock, Family Development Manager, said: “It has become clear throughout this time that parents can find it difficult to navigate through information and find the right support before during and after diagnosis. It is for this reason that the team decided to develop a Family Resources subsite. 

"The site aims to provide family members with a source of rich, credible, and accessible information at a time when they need it most. Co-production is a key element to the success of this site therefore autistic voice and the experiences of parents are reflected throughout. 

"The site will continue to evolve regularly with new updates, insights, and knowledge from the field of autism. It is our hope that this site becomes a go-to resource for families not only in the Northern region but nationally. We also aim to use this site as a platform, to drive forward the change in narrative that is needed for autistic people across the world.” 

Whether you are looking for information on sensory processing or some help with activity ideas the Family Resources site has it covered. The Family Resources subsite sits within the main North East Autism website, to take a look at our hints, tips and free downloads visit: https://www.ne-as.org.uk/family-resources