Only one week to go until the country’s best loved half marathon, the Great North Run, and as ever we’ll be there!

With a team of 50 people signed up to represent the North East Autism Society, we spoke to one of last year’s runners, Lynsey McAdam.

Lynsey, you ran the GNR on behalf of NEAS last year, why?

Katie is my team leader and she asked if I’d ever fancied doing the GNR randomly one day, it kind of snowballed from there. As my little boy, Oscar, has an autism diagnosis and we have been told that my daughter Freya is likely on the spectrum too it seemed like a perfect combination to run on behalf of a local charity with links to autism. We needed to raise a combined £600 for sponsorship which we were worried about but managed to smash it! Our office was behind us all the way, plus family and friends were very generous. Most people who sponsored us had some kind of link to autism, whether via a family member or friend and in the process of taking sponsors conversations were had which raised awareness in the run up to the big day.

 NEAS Great North Run vest

How did you find the race?

It was red hot, got a hell-of-a sun tan and that last mile lasts forever! But the atmosphere was amazing and I think once you realise it’s not about the time you finish in, and more about the fact you are raising money and awareness for a good cause it makes it easier. The crowd are incredible handing out sweets, cheering you on and there’s even kids hi-fiving you along the way! Katie’s friend managed to get us a cheeky shout out on the telly from Brendan Foster who mentioned we were running for NEAS!


Why is raising awareness, and funds, for NEAS, so important to you?

Having two children affected by autism, I feel it’s important to raise awareness for the condition. The North East Autism Society provides lifeline services and there are a lot of people who won’t realise there are organisations locally which can provide support.

 Team NEAS in Great North Run

What would you say to anyone reading this about to take part or considering running for NEAS next year?

Do it! Even if you’re not a runner, people run, jog and walk the whole thing. It’s for an amazing cause and provides a really good opportunity to raise awareness about the condition with people who wouldn’t ordinarily know anything about it.

If you would like to be a part of #TeamNEAS and take part in Great North Run 2018 please contact the fundraising team on 0191 410 9974 or email [email protected]