Investors in Children Renewal (short breaks)

It’s one of our favourite awards to receive because it listens not just to staff and families but to the children themselves - so this week the team at Children’s Short Breaks in Aycliffe are celebrating.

For Investing in Children have given the thumbs up to the team at Acorn House meaning they have retained the prestigious Investing in Children award.

Since its inception 35 years ago the Society has grown and diversified but its commitment to the rights of children has never lessened, with our schools and residential homes consistently being recognised for the highest standards of care and education.

Celebrating examples of imaginative practice with children and young people the IiC award is seen to be a measure of best practice for those organisations and agencies charged with the care and education of children.

Head of Care for NEAS, Brian Stoker said:

All our children’s homes strive for this so I’m thrilled the renewal of Acorn House’s membership has also been approved. Although this isn’t something we MUST do, membership of Investing in Children is incredibly important to us. Every child, young person or adult should have their needs and wants at the centre of their education and care and should be granted the same rights as any other human being. To be recognised as a provider who does just that is fantastic.

In the report, Eleanor Seed, Senior Project Worker for IiC said:

When I asked if they [the children] felt listened to it was definite yes and was clearly evidenced with files and displays on the wall. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending NEAS Short Breaks to have its Investing in Children Membership renewed. Well done!

She went on to say that it was clear the children and young people are involved in every aspect of shaping life at short breaks. She said during the visit it was evident that the children there felt happy, safe and listened to.